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Magic: The Gathering Thrulls!

With my review of HORRORS extremely well received, I’ve gone on to cover another Magic: The Gathering creature type, the lovably horrible Thrulls! With under twenty different thrulls in the game’s history, I’ve simply reviewed every last one of them, including those printed with multiple illustrations!


Art by Ron Spencer, but I have no idea where Wizards used this.

Art by Ron Spencer, but I have no idea where Wizards used this.

Magic: the gathering - Vebulid

Another Phyrexian horror illustrated by Ron Spencer, this big, slimy sac of guts had a unique card mechanic; its power and toughness (attack and hp, basically) grow every single turn automatically, but the Vebulid dies if it ever attacks, so it’s sort of like a kamikaze balloon monster. When I first saw the artwork, I thought it was a floating creature with two insect-like arms, but if you look at the background, it has a third appendage. It’s an organic tripod!