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Let’s talk about some things that are wrong with today’s undead.

Headed South

This is the longer “sequel” to the short horror story I posted last week, which has come to be known as The Five after somebody was nice enough to put it up on Creepypasta wiki.

Both stories were written the same day, but I kept working on the ending to this one until I liked it enough to post. It’s crazier and sillier, and I don’t know if I really regard it as a sequel so much as a whole new narrative in another continuity, since I like how “The Five” ends with no further explanation, but I also like the half-explanation here. It does raise even cheaper, more infuriating questions, and no, I don’t have any answers I’m holding back.

 I’ve left genders ambiguous in both stories, so the narrator really could be anybody at all.

Again, not a zombie story, but I tagged it as such for some superficial similarities to a zombie apocalypse.

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The “sea elephant” video Realmonstrosities posted in their article. I remember footage of these animals in nature documentaries when I was little, and I’ve written about them before, but I have NEVER gotten over how fanciful they are. Isn’t it SO FUCKING WONDERFUL that there are animals like this? It’s like an insane fairy-tale being nobody would ever believe. It’s like a cartoon ghost.

Yes, those are adorable beady eyes, and the “trunk” out the top ends in its mouth. It spends almost all of its time swimming in what we would consider an upside-down orientation. It has one fin on its “belly.” Its eyes are incredibly sophisticated, some of the most advanced of any mollusk. It’s impossible not to see wonderment as it looks around and around in circles, though it’s likely just looking for prey.


Best reaction.

Best reaction.


Mortaween Day 31: …..31. More. Monsters.


I planned this from the start, but being a shitty procrastinator, I finally drew every one of these in only the past 48 hours. The concepts and designs were mostly developed long ahead of time, though a few are last-minute. I’ve spent all day long finishing them, rather than finding anything else to do for the day before Halloween and my birthday, so you better look at EVERY SINGLE ONE, no matter how INANE.

All of them are of the “garbage” class, Mortasheen’s rejected losers.

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I’ve received more Skilevak fan-art (this one by Nocturnalsea, who envisions it as a Halloweenier Mr. Mxyzptlk sort of entity!) and another complete set of Pathfinder stats, making three very different interpretations so far.

I love how now, it just looks like Skilevaks keep arising independently in the D&D universe through completely different, convoluted means with just a few consistent features in common, as though unknown cosmic forces keep conspiring to bring them into existence…or bring something else into existence that keeps coming out this way for unknowable reasons.



An episode review of one of the best supernatural horror series ever animated…if not one of the best supernatural horror series.

I put this off too long

This entry AND this show

Oh my God this is amazing

if I had watched it as a kid I would have had the ghost in this episode as an imaginary friend

also nightmares

maybe I still will

on both

(for those inclined (tags cough) there’s a goop/quicksand amalgam in this ep, albeit briefly—Scythe has it capped)

Sidenote I forgot to include in my review: Kylie’s fear manifestation is more than likely a very inappropriate reference to the horror movie Galaxy of Terror, in which an evil force also brings its victim’s phobias to life, one of which is also a bunch of maggots that become one giant maggot.

In Galaxy of Terror, however, the giant maggot sexually violates its victim, which kills her for no explained reason, leaving her naked and drenched in slime. Actually not the most horrendous death in the film, either.


MULTIPLE INSTANCES of Fan-art and Pathfinder stats by readers!

I still can’t find any of these to buy, and only originally saw them at Ross. At least I had taken more than one picture while I could, though.

Dullahan are fairly common in anime, manga and video games, but seldom (never) portrayed as they were once described.

The blithely ignorant Intestangle pays little regard to its surroundings, but its prehensile, eversible digestive tract functions with a complex nervous system all its own, feeding its oblivious body with sharp reflexes and predatory cunning. Ensnared in the intestine’s gluey embrace, prey is saturated with acids and scoured of soft tissues by thousands of writhing cilia. Intestangle are drawn to large bodies of water and may lie ashore for days or weeks, content to stare at clouds or ponder the nature of rocks as their intestines go “fishing.” Though they lack a sense of taste, they derive considerable pleasure from the “tickle” of prey squirming in the grasp of their gastric membranes, and enjoy the sudden rush of mental clarity they derive from sweets.


Sorry for the lateness of this one, I had trouble with Tumblr and Deviantart all day, the only two places I share my art! I’ve had this concept for years, but I went through dozens of different ideas for its body; seal-like things (but I have a lot of those), hairy muppet-like things, pig-like things, even just goofy little humanoids and at one point an oily black toad I worried people might misinterpret as a Gollywog.

I think this little clam-whale-slug is just the right mix of alien and goofy for the concept, and I didn’t entirely design it without <i>Bubble Bobble</i> on the brain.

Common in freshwater swamps, sewers, humid jungles and damp caves, this small and primitive annelid vampire transfixes prey with its luminous gaze, painlessly saws through flesh with its three opposing tooth plates and bloats to nearly a globe as it messily suctions out blood and entrails. Gluttonous and simple-minded, it seldom takes care to preserve its food sources or moderate its intake, and may even regurgitate in mid-meal to continue feeding until nothing remains. It particularly relishes eyeballs as an “after-dinner snack.”


I used to classify “Vamprey” as the leech-based vampire, but Vamprey is more of, well, a lamprey.I’ve been meaning to rectify that for a long time.

The face on this guy is actually inspired by a cookie cutter shark, though the three serrated jaws are more or less accurate to a real leech, and so are the multiple eyes! No real leech has very large or visible eyes, but some species have anywhere from two to a dozen!

The overall look of this one is ALSO based on the leeches briefly seen in “Fern Gully.” I love those little bastards.

This sleek and agile vampire’s obsidian scales reflect direct light in a dazzling display of sparkles most sight-equipped beings find impossible to look at directly without nauseating disorientation, considerable ocular pain and momentary blindness. Even in darkness, the monster can wave its bioluminescent barbel about its own surface or emit rapid, strobing flashes from its bulbous eyes, its entire body shining and pulsing in a torturous effect for even moderately light-sensitive organisms.

Vain, brash and sometimes juvenile, Twileye regard themselves as simply “too amazing” for “lesser beings” to appreciate. To them, the pained howls of their victims are the shamed cries of those who have finally seen “true beauty” and understand “how ugly and stupid they really look.”


Oh yeah. I went there. The design isn’t changed all that much from its animal inspiration, the deep sea fish Gigantura.

A personal list with an awful lot of amorphous blobs on it!

Similar at its core to the Snagnant,this cactiform botanical serves as a living, symbiotic nest for a unique breed of eusocial spider, obedient to the monster’s complex vibrational commands. Insects and small vertebrates are more than enough to keep the colony and their mobile home well nourished, but even the largest monsters can succumb to the swarm’s intensely toxic, tissue-destroying venom.

   Easygoing and nonconfrontational, an Arachtus rattles out a maraca-like warning before forced to unleash its scurrying, seething defenders.