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Muir appreciation post

My girlfriend just finished showing me all 24 episodes of the Japanese/French Jetix series Oban Star Racers, which you can find in their entirety on youtube right now, incidentally. I never hear anything about this series, even though it’s positively fantastic. There are so many unique, lovable characters and cool designs, every one of which is important at some point, and while its universe is dominated, like most in entertainment, by humanoid aliens, there are a fair number of non-humanoids characterized just as lovingly in rare ways.

In fact, all the most inhuman aliens in the show are either heroic or at least sympathetic.

This includes MUIR:


Muir is a giant, screaming arthropod reminiscent of a huge pseudoscorpion or dust mite, with many extendable, writhing tentacles. Its “vehicle” in the interplanetary racing competition is a huge floating organism is controls from inside, parasitically.

I wish we saw even more of Muir, but its few scenes are some of the most touching in a generally touching series.


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