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So many people chiming in that they find me rude or insensitive for saying this.

I think I was pretty clear about what being an “asshat” entails.

There’s a difference between “I have arachnophobia, I am afraid of spiders.” and “I have arachnophobia so EW GROSS I HATE ALL SPIDERS KILL THEM ALL THEY’RE UGLY EVIL ABOMINATIONS NOBODY SHOULD EVER LOVE.”

The latter behavior is what makes one an “asshat.” 

Even a genuine clinical “phobia” (which is significantly less common than the number of people who say they have one) is not a free pass to needlessly hate what you’re afraid of. Plenty of people with phobias have the maturity to separate fear from loathing. Most people with irrational fears know that their fears are irrational and are not proud of them. If you’re reblogging an animal just to say how much you despise it and want it to die, you are being an asshat, for no reason. Nothing whatsoever excuses that.

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    honestly, that makes it 100x better
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    Yeah like I don’t even know who the trolls are. You’d think if I were that special to them I might have heard from them...
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    To be perfectly honest, the level of sociopathy and disgusting self entitlement you demonstrated on this post makes me...
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    from phobia discussion to rape apologist bullshit in less than ten reblogs. gettin real tired of your shit tumblr.
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    Paris-Kills, I also have a phobia of spiders. That doesn’t mean I go around saying KILL ALL SPIDERS. I don’t say we...
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    you’re awful and crazy people. You broke your own ribs trying to get away from a harmless spiderbug, it wasn’t IT’S...
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    Wow, you people really fucking grasp at straws sometimes, don’t you?
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    Goddamn it stop being idiots, I mean Jesus fuck people this is not hard to get, its two fucking babies who won’t even...
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