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Prince d’Maggot(Lvl 8 Skeleton Creep)

Read Aloud: A skeleton wearing a painted bird mask and fine robes is crouched in the bushes watching a maiden bathing in a stream.

Notes: Lives in a crypt, earns money teaching children about skeletons. He is in love with a girl in the village and is secretly building a meat body from discarded hair and carcasses to try and woo her. If the players can help him complete his meat body he will forever be in their debt.

I would watch a show about him forever

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    Mutt(Lvl 1 Dog Mayor) Read Aloud: A mayor is dragging his butt across the floor. He seems to be a medium-size sheepdog...
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    Shawn D’sefra’el (Lvl 3 Half-elf Acrobat) Read Aloud: An elf in a green leotard does some pretty decent flips and...
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