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What I don’t get about angry vegan blogs:


I can completely respect people who love animals enough that they try their best to reduce even their most tenuous impact on their welfare. I don’t go that far, but I can admire it.

…Except I never see half these assholes talk about insects, arachnids or other arthropoda. Do keep in mind that I said “half” here. You don’t need to inform me that you’re an exception when I’m clearly aware that exceptions exist.


Arthropods make up 90% of all species on our planet. We would die horribly without them. Only the most miniscule fraction are ever of any inconvenience or threat to us. They have brains like yours, pumping hearts, the same five basic senses (at least) the same two sexes and their behavior is as intricate as any bird or mammal.

For every chicken and pig that gets slaughtered and eaten, literally tens of millions of arthropods are smashed, ground up or poisoned, sometimes with deliberate malice just for existing and looking different. Every bite of EVERY food you have ever eaten, vegan or not, was grown and harvested at the cost of several thousand invertebrates.

All produce, including “organic” produce, makes use of pesticides. All of it. No, all of it. There is no such thing as any farm, anywhere, that grows food for mass consumption without poisoning every little creature who takes a bite. When they say they’re pesticide or chemical free, it means they use biological control; they spray their crop with a virus that slowly melts caterpillars alive, or sprinkle them with millions of tissue-eating nematode worms. More “natural,” sure, but the results are the same. Thousands and thousands of animals die gruesomely for our tomatoes and cucumbers and beans. Always.

I guess they don’t count if their brains are slightly smaller than the smallest animals with “bones”, huh.


Good for you if you don’t eat cows, they are certainly raised in some shit conditions and environmentally unsustainable to boot - but at least acknowledge that you’re playing favorites with your compassion.

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    Love this!!!!
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    I’m scared shitless of spiders and I’m still annoyed how they don’t seem to sympathize with our smallest of animals....
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    Hell, you never hear about Reptiles either, no one gives a shit unless it’s a mammal or food bird really.
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    I’ve heard it said they weren’t animals. Somehow.
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    Holy crap, this one never dawned on me! Of COURSE!
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    Yep. And the only inverts I usually see militant vegans giving any shits about are bees.
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    You should look at the Jainists then. They don’t hurt ANY animal. Not even arthropods. O3O
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