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…And I’m not being sarcastic. Luke McKinney is on fire with this one. I might have eventually weighed in on this douchery myself, but I don’t think I could have put it this well.

Some excerpts:

If you’re calling someone out as a fake fan, what’s your victory condition? Preventing someone else from liking things you like? When your plan is “prevent people from enjoying Superman,” you’re a Hostess snack cake villain, and even more irrelevant to the modern world.

The Internet is stuffed with idiots decrying fake geek girls. Fighting against fake geeks is like fighting against unicorns: You’re an asshole, and even if they were real, your stated goal is trying to kill something wonderful. More people liking things you like is a good thing. If you’re actively trying to keep people out of your hobby, you don’t have one

It’s true that “whore” is a powerfully charged word with many layers of socio-economic meaning, and can be distracting, so I’ve prepared a quick flowchart to simplify it:

I was the last picked for football, was occasionally thumped because people found it funny and can talk for a full hour about my favorite Doctor Who original novels. Only that last part still affects my life, and it’s awesome. But some people escaped into a world without bullying, and instead of thinking “Great,” they thought, “My turn.”
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