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The coolest tick!

I’ve never heard of a lot of diversity in tick behavior, but Parasite of the Day just posted about Antricola marginatus, a tick exclusive to bats with some really unique habits:

Adults, unlike nearly all other ticks, don’t drink blood at all, but feed on bat droppings. The tiny young, however, still need blood, so the mother carries them on her back - up to four hundred at a time - and drops them off near sleeping bats. When they’re done feeding, they climb back onto mommy and she carries them back down the cave wall!

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    D: it’s like… a half life creature….
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    But wouldn’t having all these little guys crawling on you…. Wait for it…. Tickle?
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    That’s Kind of adorable
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  11. spacegate said: Oh my goodness such a wonderful mommy :,)
  12. sixthrock said: aww it’s like tick day care.
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    that’s pretty adorable for ticks
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